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Evaluation of the bee flight data

With the help of neural networks, the activity of the bees of the IOT hive is recorded and evaluated.

Recent activity

Todays activity

This months activity

Bees that entered the hive

Bees that left the hive

Additional Information

Temperature [C°]

Relative Humidity [%]

Pressure [kPa]

Carbon Monoxide [µg/m³]

Nitrogen Dioxide [µg/m³]

Ozone [µg/m³]

Sulfur Dioxide [µg/m³]

Nitrogen Monoxide [µg/m³]

Particulate Matter (<1µm) [µg/m³]

Watch the bees

Processed video stream (75 fps, NIR)

Processed video stream (25 fps, color range visible to humans)

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